About Us

Turn-Key Training, a division of Turn-Key Environmental Consultants, (TKEC) is a full-service training organization offering a variety of management and professional education programs. These programs are offered as in-house seminars and instructional materials.

TKEC seminars provide interactive, up-to-date information that can help any organization improve its effectiveness. Each seminar is customized to the organization and audience. This is important for the transfer of learning from the seminar to the job.

Customization includes the development of case studies and strategies that reflect the customer’s industry and employee experience. With this level of customization, participants more easily accept the content and more easily implement new skills and knowledge at work. For example, TKEC’s sexual harassment seminar, The Grey Factor, enables managers and employees alike to recognize all kinds of harassing behavior including sexual harassment and to do something about it.

TKEC seminars have been implemented in a wide variety of organizations including banks, insurance companies, construction companies, health care organization, hospitals, physician groups, manufacturers, school districts, state agencies, municipalities, utilities, attorneys, tech firms and many others.

Turn-Key Training can assist you with your employee developmental requirements. Whether conducted in large or small groups or if implemented in personal coaching sessions, these programs can make a difference to each employee’s success.