Sexual Harassment – Where Are We?

Sexual Harassment – Start Here

While sexual harassment has extensively been in the news, it is still not well understood. People are confused not only in terms of what it is but also in terms of what to do about it.

Sexual harassment and harassment of any kind in addition to bullying are forms of employee misconduct. This misconduct sexual harassmentundermines the integrity of working relationships. Specifically, in terms of sexual harassment, these behaviors do not refer to occasional compliments but to behavior, which is not welcome, which is personally offensive, which destroys morale and interferes with productivity

Victims of sexual harassment of any kind feel embarrassed, demeaned, intimidated and violated, leading to increased absenteeism, lost productivity, safety problems, turnover and legal headaches.

The Work of a Few

While most men and women do not sexually harass their co-workers, those who do, create serious problems. A wealth of data indicates that harassers tend to harass or bother multiple people, multiple times, about multiple issues such as sexually offensive behavior, racially offensive behavior or other negative, inappropriate behavior. Unfortunately, study after study clearly indicates that inappropriate harassing behavior continues to be an all too common factor in too many work settings.

Prudent organization and prudent individuals take appropriate action to limit their liability and provide a harassment-free work environment.

While the law holds employers accountable to stop and prevent sexual harassment, most employees do not understand the issue nor their responsibilities. It is a very real education issue. An issue that requires training.

There is a Solution

TKEC Training’s seminar The Grey Factor- Stopping and Preventing Sexual Harassment changes behavior while increasing understanding and awareness. It is a program that fosters better working relationships and is a catalyst in helping organization address other inappropriate behavior as well. It is a program for all employee, top management, managers, supervisors, professionals and general employees. Call us today to discuss how we can help you and your organization create a harassment-free workplace.