The Grey Factor- Stopping and Preventing Sexual Harassment

Helping to Prevent Violence in the Workplace

One of our most popular seminars is The Grey Factor – Stopping and Preventing Sexual Harassment, Harassment & Bullying. Over 45,000 people from diverse organizations have attended our premier sexual harassment seminar. Whether your organization is actively addressing sexual harassment or bullying or if prevention is your main concern, we can help. We have the resources and programs you need. Experience matters and our harassment products and services are the result of over 35 years of experience, implemented in hundreds of organizations nationwide.

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Exceptional Classes! Linda’s ability to make the class interesting and enjoyable is truly the mark of a pro! The Grey Factor will continue to be part of our required classes for management.

Effie Mckeehan, Vice President of Human Resources, The Drees Company, Cincinnati, OH

I was pleased to hear managers talking about the program long after it was implemented.

Rusty Fumi Huntington Bank.

Costs of Workplace Harassment/Bullying

All harassment, including sexual harassment, is a form of employee misconduct which undermines the integrity of working relationships. While most men and women do not sexually harass their co-workers, those who do cause serious problems. A wealth of data indicates that harassers tend to harass or bother multiple people, multiple times, about multiple issues such as sexually offensive behavior, racially offensive behavior, or other negative, inappropriate behavior. Victims feel embarrassed, demeaned, intimidated and violated, leading to increased absenteeism, lost productivity, safety concerns, turnover and legal headaches.

Workplace Harassment Prevention is Crucial

The Grey Factor- Stopping and Preventing Sexual Harassment, is designed to change behavior while increasing understanding and awareness. It is a program for all employees – top management, managers, supervisors, professionals, and general employees. While the law holds organizations accountable to stop and prevent sexual harassment, most employees do not understand the issue or their responsibilities. It is a very real education issue. Training is a key element in prevention. Training makes it impossible for employees and managers to say, they did not know what harassment is or what their personal responsibilities are. Welcome to The Grey Factor- Stopping and Preventing Sexual Harassment seminar and to turning work relationships into assets.

Sexual Harassment – What is it?

What is and is not harassment can be confusing. The Grey Factor speaks to the grey areas creating clarity and understanding.

Course Highlights

  • Real-life stories and interactive content.
  • Case studies which enlighten managers and employees about the complexities of sexual harassment, harassment, and bullying.
  • Provide a training environment where participants interact with coworkers through thought-provoking activities and discussions.
  • Sensible guidance on how to recognize, respond to and resolve complaints of all types of harassment, unlawful discrimination, and bullying.


  • Stop and prevent harassing behavior while increasing understanding and awareness.
  • Ensure participants clearly understand their personal responsibilities, the organization’s policies and the resources available to them.
  • Minimize the organization’s legal liability
  • Encourage workplace respect and courtesy.

Each module addresses the grey areas of harassment/bullying and provides your organization with important information, which protects it and minimizes liability.

Our clients include Drees Homes, Dayton Progress, The City of Cincinnati, Woodland Cemetery and many others.

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